raising money for a good cause? We can help!

Johnny O’s Spudnuts offers fundraising opportunities to help you earn money for your group, club, or any kind of organization. Fundraising is a great way to build hype around an upcoming event or just to share the joy of spudnuts!

When you plan a fundraiser through Johnny O’s Spudnuts, we’ll give you cards to sell that have lots of great discounts and deals on our spudnuts. You’ll get seven (7) days to sell these cards for $25 each, and then bring the unsold cards back to your local Johnny O’s store and split the profits with us 50/50. You keep $12.50, and we keep $12.50.

Really, it’s the easiest way you’re going to earn money for your school, team, or group. Spudnuts practically sell themselves! Contact your local Johnny O’s store to start planning your fundraiser today!

Download the Johnny O’s Fundraising Cards Rules and Regulations to learn more details.

why choose johnny o’s for your fundraiser?


it's convenient

Your entire fundraiser will last only a week. No delivering products after the fact, and it won’t take a ton of time to plan the entire fundraiser.

high rewards

Not a lot of businesses are willing to share fundraiser profits with you at the margin we are. You can’t get more fair than a 50/50 split!


it's simple

We’ve made the fundraising process so easy that even the youngest of all tiny humans will be able to participate in selling the spudnut cards.

spudnuts rock

Spudnuts really do sell themselves. You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t enjoy any of our 30+ varieties of spudnuts.

Logan, UT

630 S. Main St. Ste. 110
Monday - Thursday 6am to 7pm
Friday & Saturday 6am to 9pm
Sunday 8am to 2pm


(435) 227-2155

I've been coming to Johnny O's since they opened. I've never left disappointed or hungry!

Benjamin Hatch